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Category: Lifting-Equipments


1. High-strength, stamped steel construction for external resistance and longer service life.

2. Light hand-pull, easy for lifting.

3. Optimized design makes routine inspection and maintenance easily.

4. Ultra strong, wear-resisting and heat treated Grade T8 alloy steel chain as standard load chain.

5. Surface treatment : electrostatic powder coating for protection against rust and corrosion.

6.  Reliable load actuated brake with non-asbestos brake discs.

7. Chain guides provide smooth chain operation.

8.  360 degree rotating top and bottom hooks equipped with safety latches.

9. 360 degree handle rotation with short stroke to ratchet loads.

10. Unique bearing design for high working efficiency.

11. Safety factor (minimum breaking load) : 4 times of the rated capacity.

12. Each piece of lever hoist is operationally tested to 150% of the rated capacity and issued with and individual Certificate of Conformity.

13.  Comply with the latest Machinery Directive and relevant EN safety standards.