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Kyowa Test Pump Hydraulic Pressure Test Pump

Epoch-making Mechanism

Featuring Rational

Functional Merits - Developed Under Kyowa’s

Power Test Pump Technology

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Kyowa Tester

u  Achievement Of High Pressures 5, 30, 50, 100 MPa By Simple Mechanism And Simple Operation.

u  Easy-to-carry Handy Type

u  Lightweight And Rust-free Plastic Tank, With Dust-proof Cover

u  With Direct-coupled Type Ball Tap Available For City Water Supply, Easy To Feed Water

u  Pressure Gauge With 100Ø large Vibration Absorber.

u  The Closing Valve Is Of Special Construction Of Kyowa Original Design.

u  T-50N Is Designed For Large Suction/discharge Rate And Light-weight, Having The Capacity Several Times The Conventional Model

u  T-50N Is Simply Connected With A 1.5m High Pressure Hose With One-touch Coupler.


unavailabe: 0 in stock