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Features :

u Designed To Restrain The User From Vertical Falls While Allowing The User To Move Freely.

u High Strength Aluminium Alloy Housing, Light And Durable.

u Equipped With Galvanized Steel Cable Lifeline.

u Innovative Engineering Solution To Arrest Falls By Two-disc Anti-ratchet Braking System.

u Widely Used In Metallurgy, Petroleum, Automobile Manufacturing, Chemical Industry, The Electric Power, Bridge, Aloft Work Etc.

u Consist Of Snap Hook Connector, Energy Absorber, Retractor, Swivel Safety Hook And Dragline.

u Can He Used In Conjunction With Rescue Tripod And Safety Harness.

u Conforms To Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC And Standard EN360:2002

u Each Piece With An Individual Certificate Of Declaration.


u Rated Capacity : 150kg

u About High Strength Steel Cable : Diameter : 4mm;

u Safe Stopping Distance : 10cm To 20cm.


Art. Nr. EMBLK1025K

Kelvar Band 2,5 M


EN 360

Art. Nr. EMBLK1060K

Kelvar Band 6 M


EN 360



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u One Central Eye Bolt : Main Anchor Point.

u Three Lateral Eyes Additional Anchor Points, Easy To Hang Other Safety Devices.


u Hand Winch : Fitted With Self-lock Device, Equipped With 30m Wire Rope.

u Connecting Part : Newly Designed And Fastened By Two Lock Pins.


u The Tripod Is The Anchorage Connector For Typical Confined Space And Rescue Systems.

u It Feature A Light Weight, High-strength Aluminium Construction.

u I Central Eye Bolt And 3 Additional Lateral Eyes, Easy To Hang Various Safety Devices.

u Connecting Part Is Fitted With Safety Lock Pin, To Keep Hand Winch From Slipping Up.

u Telescoping Legs Caster To Different Operating Heights.

u Ring Type Safety Chain Is Supplied To Minimize Horizontal Forces And Prevent The Legs Spreading And Collapsing.

u Steel Feet Incorporate A Rubber Sole For Flat Surfaces And Spiked Edges For Slippery Surfaces.

u Equipped With Hand Winch C/w Self-lock Device.

u Comply With Council Directive 89/686/EEC And Standard EN 795.


Technical Data For Tripod

u Working Load Limit : 200kg.

u Working Height :

- Legs Fully Extended 214cm

- Legs Fully Retracted 1.34cm

u Anchor Points In The Head :

1 Main Central Eye Bolt

3 Additional Lateral Eyes

u Main Parts : Made Of High Strength Aluminium Alloy.

For Hand Winch :

u Rated Capacity : 1800LBS

u Wire Rope : Diameter :4mm, Length : 30m, Gear Ratio - 8:1




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u The Move It Range Provides A Good Fit And Easy Adjustment Options

u The Move It Harness Are Characterized By A Striking Color, Metal Parts In One Piece And Strong Webbing.

u Move It Full Body Harness With Twin Webbing Lanyard To Be Used With Vertical Anchorage System & Construction Industries.

u Fully Adjustable Shoulder And Thigh Straps.

u General Harness With 1 D-ring On The Back & 2 D-rings On The Chest.

u Ideally Positioned Sit Strap For Extended Comfort

u Color : Red And Black

u EN361/EN354 CE Approved

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