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Category: Safety-Products



Features :

u Designed to restrain the user from vertical falls while allowing the user to move freely.

u High strength aluminium alloy housing, light and durable.

u Equipped with galvanized steel cable lifeline.

u Innovative engineering solution to arrest falls by two-disc anti-ratchet braking system.

u Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, the electric Power, bridge, aloft work etc.

u Consist of snap hook connector, energy absorber, retractor, swivel safety hook and dragline.

u Can he used in conjunction with rescue tripod and safety harness.

u Conforms to Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC and standard EN360:2002

u Each piece with an individual certificate of declaration.


u Rated capacity : 150kg

u About high strength steel cable : diameter : 4mm;

u Safe stopping distance : 10cm to 20cm.


Art. nr. EMBLK1025K

Kelvar band 2,5 m


EN 360

Art. nr. EMBLK1060K

Kelvar band 6 m


EN 360