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Welcome to Safe Integrated Trading Corporation!

We are the suppliers of products from USA, UK, India, Greece And Holland. Our company “Safe Integrated Trading Corporation” is the distribution and supply partners in Saudi Arabia for below products:

Simple Green – U.S.A. Industrial Degreaser & Cleaning solution
SPILFYTER – U.S.A. Sorbents And Spill Control Products
Bioguard - UK Infection Control Products
CITEX – Holland Material Handling Equipment
Paprsky – India Lockout Tagout Devices
3M, HONEYWELL & many more Safety Products
ABSO-PRO – Greece Industrial Absorbents Granules
Romold - UK Spill Containment pallet
MOVE IT – Holland Lifting Equipment
CITEX – Holland Fall Protection Devices
NOMEX –U.S.A. Personal Protective Equipments
Inder - India Industrial Tools

We aim to bring various selective brands and products from around the world for fulfilling clients’ requirement and customer satisfaction.

Below is the overview of some of our brands

Simple Green – Industrial Degreaser & Cleaning solution - Nontoxic & Biodegradable

We bring the product which is recognized by the U.S. EPA's Safer Choice Program as safer for people and the environment. As a reseller for Industrial Degreasing products and Cleaning solutions, we're committed to providing high-quality products with a focus on environmental responsibility and human safety. Since 1975 in USA, Simple Green has built a legacy of developing new and innovative products that are responsible choices for many generations around the globe.

ABSO-PRO - Industrial Absorbents Granules

The ABSO-PRO range of industrial absorbents from Geohellas, Greece are renowned for their absorbent properties. We offer inert absorbents with proven performance in both routine and emergency applications. Fast, environmentally friendly and effective, the ABSO-PRO range contributes significantly to the safety, cleanliness and operational efficiency of the workplace. These granules are very effective in absorbing all kinds of chemicals, Oil and liquid.


Using our extensive range of Spilfyter products from USA, liquid safety product solutions delivered by us in to Saudi Arabian market and industry where industrial, safety and environmental leaks, drips and spills are a concern. Apart from the standardized spill kits and spill solutions, we also provide tailor made spill kits for every unique spill or leaks at any workplace. Our product ranges from Universal, Oil Only & Chemical Sorbent Pads & Rolls, Specialty Sorbents like Socks & Pillows, Spilfyter High Visibility Pads & Rolls, Spill Kits in a Variety of Sizes and Capacities.

Romold - Spill Containment pallet

ROMOLD UK products are approved by DIBT – the German Institute for Building Technology. Intermediate bulk containers or IBC pallets are designed specifically to meet the international standards for spill containment pallet movement and handling. These pallets have Broadband chemical compatibility & Integral fork pockets which allows easy movement during the containment activity. We provide these pallets in single and double configurations and even they can be customized more as per the usage and demand at spill site.

Bioguard – Infection Control Products

We bring you the most effective products against COVID-19 Virus and all other Viruses. We provide the total solution for all your hygiene, cleaning and infection control needs, with Bioguard products. Bioguard from UK has proven that its range of products protects from viruses & bacteria, including Covid-19. We offer hygiene products that includes Liquid Disinfectant, Foam Hand Sanitizers, Gel Hand Sanitizers, and Touchless Dispensers etc.

MOVE IT – Lifting Equipment

Expanding our product portfolio towards Lifting equipment, we are associated as the distributors for MOVE IT HOLLAND lifting products. We provide vast range of lifting materials to major clients in Saudi Arabia.

Paprsky – Lockout Tagout Devices

We are one of the authorized resellers for Paprsky Lockout Tagout products. With unmatched and highest quality, Paprsky is approved by international clients all over the world. Paprsky products are seamlessly delivered to all clients in WORLD, focusing the need of the Lockout Tagout LOTO devices during maintenance and commissioning activities.

CITEX – Material Handling Equipment to Fall Protection Devices

We are the distributors for CITEX HOLLAND for Material Handling Equipment to Fall Protection Devices. Safe Integrated Trading Corporation ensures all requirements for fall protection, material handling and lifting products should meet high standards.

Safety Products & Industrial Tools

We supply world’s renowned brands, 3M, Honeywell, Nomex and many more as per the requirement from the clients. We are a dedicated to efficiently bring in the existing products and the new emerging products in the market to our clients. We ensure the product reaches the customers and we provide them complete support and services throughout their projects.