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A Product Of Extensive Research, EVAPO-RUST Rust Remover Is An Environmentally Safe Water Based Product That Has Been Proven To Make Even Deep Rust Disappear In Minutes, Without Any Scrubbing.

It’s So Easy To Use, Anyone Can Restore Their Rusted Tools, Auto Parts, Over Firearms To Like-new Condition. One Gallon De-rusts Up To 300 Pounds Of Steel.

EVAPO-RUST Will Not Harm Metals, Rubber, Plastic, PVC, Viton, Most Paints, Or Un-rusted Steel, In Fact, Immersing Un-rusted Objects In EVAPO-RUST Provides Excellent Long-term Rust Protection.

Best Of All, EVAPO-RUST Is Safe To Use Its Non Toxic, Non Corrosive, Non-flammable, And Contains No Acids, Alka Is Or Petroleum Solvents. EVAPO RUST Is Also Biodegradable.

How Does EVAPO-RUST Work?

EVAPO-RUST Uses “selective Chelation,” A Process In Which A Large Synthetic Molecule Forms A Bond With Metals And Holds Them In Solution. The Active Ingredient In EVAPO-RUST Bonds Exclusively To The Iron In Iron Oxide-act In Steel.

Do Parts Have To Be Completely Clean Before Treatment?

No. EVAPO-RUST Contains Detergents Which Can Penetrate Dirt And Oil. Still, Surface Contaminants Can Slow The Process And Shorten The Life Of EVAPO-RUST. Heavy Greases And Cosmoline Should Be Removed Prior To Do Rusting.

Will EVAPO-RUST Remove Bluing And Other Oxide Finishes?

Yes, In About 30 Minutes. Anodizing Will Not Be Removed. Powder Coating And Paints That Do Not Contain Oxides Won’t Be Removed.

Can I Clean Brass, Copper And Aluminum With EVAPO-RUST?

No, It Will Not Clean For Damage Any Of These Metals. It Will Not Harm Plastic, Clothing Or Glass Either.

I Get A Black Film On Some Parts After Using EVAPO-RUST. What Is It And How Do I Remove It?

High Carbon Steel And Tool Alloy Steel Items Will Have A Darker Appearance When De-rusted. The Dark Film Is Carton, And Can Be Easily Wiped Off With A Cloth.

How Can I Use EVAPO-RUST On A Surface Too Large To Soak?

Place A Sponge Soaked In EVAPO-RUST Over The Rusted Area. Cover The Sponge With Plastic Wrap And Tape The Wrap Down To Prevent Moisture From Excaping. Remove In 24 Hours And Rinse With Water.

How Long Does EVAPO-RUST Last?

One Gallon Of EVAPO-RUST Will Remove Moderate Rust From 300 Pounds Of Steel. If Any Of The Bath Evaporates, Simply Replace With Fresh Tap Water.

How Do I Know When The Bath Is Spent?

The Bath Will Turn Completely Back And Will Not Remove Rust.

How Do I Dispose Of The Spent Solution?

Pure EVAPO-RUST Can Be Safely Poured Into The City Sewer. When The Solution Is Spent, Only The Iron Content Will Dictate The Disposal Method.

What Sizes Is EVAPO-RUST Available In?

It Comes In Quarts, Gallons, 5-gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums And 275 Gallon Totes.


“ It’s Quick Simple, And Unlike Some Other Products, Is Non-toxic. Busting Rust Was Never Easier!”

u Removes Rust Quickly Without Scrubbing

u No Frames Or Bad Odors

u Non-toxic

u Non-corrosive

u Safe On Skin

u Non-flammable

u No VOC’s

u Water Soluble

u Biodegradable

u Contains No Acids, Bases Or Solvents

u Will Not Harm Un-rusted Steel

u Safe Disposal In Sewer

u An Excellent Rust Inhibitor

u Safe On Other Metals

Rust Removal Has Never Been Easier!

u Pour Into A Container A Sufficient Amount Of EVAPO-RUST To Completely Cover The Rusted Object.

u Immerse The Rusted Object Into The EVAPO-RUST Solution For 30 Minutes (light Rust) Up To Overnight (heavy Rust).

u Rinse Item With Water. If Deep Rust Remains In Pits, Re-immerse In EVAPO-RUST.

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Ideal For Storing Drums, Small Containers Or For Use As A Spill Kit Station Or PPE Cupboard, Our Range Of Cabinets With Built-in Sumps Are Manufactured From Polyethylene Which Gives Them Excellent Chemical Resistance And Durability. Cabinets Are Available With Adjustable/removable Shelves, Lockable Doors And Although The Standard Color Is Yellow Other Options Are Available On A Longer Lead Time.



u Durable Construction

u Broadband Chemical Compatibility

u Lockable Doors

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Our Spill Flooring Range Is The Flexible Decking Solution For Creating Liquid Handling Workstations And Storage Areas To Fit Your Working Environment.


Great As Separate Units Or Combine To Create A Multiple Workstation With A Shared Sump Area. Ramp BFR Provides Easy Access When Using A Drum Trolley.


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Trolleys With Built-in Sumps Designed To Allow You To Safely Transport Drums Of Liquid Around The Workplace. Made From Sturdy 100% Polyethylene They Offer Broadband Chemical Compatibility And Are Lightweight.


Ensure Your Drums Are Fully Protected Even When Being Transported. Simple To Use, One Person Being Transported. Simple To Use, One Person Operation. Dispense Without The Worry Of Spills.

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Calcined Attapulgite LVM 16/60

General Description

A Premium, All-purpose Absorbent With Hard, Non-slaking Granules, Made From Calcined Attapulgite Clay.


Functional Use

Dust-free, Slip-resistant And Non-flammable Qualities Suit Intensive Applications For Routine Or Emergency Use In The Workplace.


General Characteristics

u Inert Mineral Absorbent

u Non-Combustible, Non-Flammable

u Light Weight

u Free Flowing

u High Surface Area

u High Oil Absorption

u High Water Absorption

u Hard, Moisture Resistant Granules

u Non-Swelling

u Low Dust Content


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