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Split Frame Cold Cutting Beveling Machine

Oil & Gas

Petro Chemical

Nuclear Power Plants

Mining Industries




u  Cuts And Bevels Varied Pipe Thickness With Just Change Of Interchangeable Bits

u  Portable - External Mountable Of Its Type For Pipe Cutting And Bevelling Applications

u  Low Friction Adjustable Bearing Provides Maximum Stability And Extended Machine Life

u  Bearing And Sliding Parts Are Totally Enclosed For Operational Safety And Long Life

u  Easliy Splits Into Halves To Mount On The Outside Diameter Of The Pipes On-Line

u  Cutting & Bevelling Can Be Done In Single Set Up Or Else Two Tool Bits For Same Operation Can Be Used

u  Available In Pneumatic, Hydraulic And Electrical Drive.

u  Bevels And Cuts Material Like MS, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Inconel, Etc.

u  Size Range : 3/4” - 03”, 03”-08”,06”-12”, 10”-16”,18”-24”,26”-32”,36”-42”,40”-48”

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Flange Facing Machine

This Machine Is Researched And Manufactured According To The Operation Of Long-distance Pipeline And Flange. We Have Independent Intellectual Property. Outside Calipers Is Fixed In Proper Position, High Stiffness Of Structural Support, Fulfill The Wide Cutting Range, Easy Operation, High Efficiency. It Can Process Chute/flume/sealing Surface And Blank Flange, Tube Plate Of Heat Exchange.


u Swivel Tool Post With 360 Power Feed, Wide Range Use.

u Feed Hand Wheel Of Horizontal And Vertical Tool Post With Scale, Precise And Convenient Regulation.

u Tool Post Can Feed Automatically In Both Axial And Radial, Processed Precision Is Guaranteed.

u Adjustable Hydraulic Drive Motor, Adjustable Speed, Strong Power Meets Different Requirements Of Customers.

u Maximum Depth Of Roughing Processing Is 1.5mm.

u Pneumatic Motor Is Optional, Used For Proof-explosion On-site Operation.

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Machine Body Size

The ID Mounted Beveling Operation Utilizes An Expandable Mandrel Which Is Slid Into The Open End Of The Pipe.  Draw Nut Is Tightened, Which Expands The Mandrel Blocks Up A Ramp And Against The ID Surface For Positive Mounting, Self Centered And Squared To The Bore. As The Tool Bit Is Fed In To The Material From The End, Bevel Is Produced Which Confirms To The Angle Predetermined By The Angle Ground In To The Bit. Bits Are Available For Practically Any Material Or Beveling Required, And Bits Can Be Custom Made For Any Form Tooling Operation.


u Cold Beveling

u Fast, Precision On-site Beveling

u Minimal Axial And Radical Clearance

u Light Weight And Compact Design

u Easy Set-up & Robust Operation

u Electric At Pneumatic Drive


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Spare Bending Formers Of Hinged Frame

For Long Radius Heavy Gauge Bending Ideally Suitable For “C” Class (Sch. 40 Pipe) Size 3/8 To 6 Gas Water, Steam DIN 2440/2441 Up To 90 Bending.


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